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Quick Details

Child 0-12
Private charter

Sea Turtle Snorkel Adventure

Join us on a sea turtle snorkel adventure at Turtle Canyon, a set of coral reefs just off the coast of Waikiki that act as a cleaning station for the Hawaiian green sea turtles that migrate between the islands of Hawaii. Explore the reefs and all of the docile marine life that calls them home, where you will find yourself floating alongside turtles, and possibly spotting He’e (octopus), Ka Hoku Kai (starfish), and other marine life native to the Hawaiian islands. Our dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way, taking you to the best spots, offering to take photos, and most importantly, keeping you and your family safe and providing assistance in the water (if needed).

Sit and relax

Find yourself wanting a break while in the water? No problem! You can hop back on board the boat at any moment. Relax on our lounge nets, sip on your favorite cocktail from our premium on board bar, & enjoy beautiful Waikiki views from our 55′ luxury catamaran.

All gear (snorkels, masks, fins, and snorkel vests) is provided by us, for you to enjoy the abundant marine life that visit the reefs every single day.

Are you ready? Book the #1 snorkel boat tour in Waikiki, the turtles (and memories) await!

**Must exhibit basic swimming skills to participate in water activities.**